Primary School

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MATHS LIVE DROP IN SESSION 2PM (Limit breakers 1:45pm)

Limit Breakers 


I need to buy 2 new wheels for my car. They cost 6p each.

How much will I need to pay altogether?_______        


A mum and her baby went on the bus. If mum’s ticket cost 17p and the baby’s ticket cost 9p, how much did it cost altogether? _______


John had 30p.  He bought a toy plane for 24p.

How much money does he have left? _______


A family of 3 get on the train. The tickets are 11p each.

How much do they pay altogether?______


Mary had to put petrol in her car. It cost 30p but Mary only had 25p in her purse. How much more money does Mary need?______


A bike costs 52p and helmet costs 13p. What is the total cost of the bike and the helmet?_______

Pi-Thons- Well done with the questions yesterday they were quite tricky! Have a go at the questions below. 


£3.50 + £1.50 =                2 £7.20 + £1.30 =            3 £10.00 + £2.50 =


4 £4.00 - £1.50 =            5 £2.00 - £1.50 =             6 £5.00 - £3.50 =



7 You have £5 in your piggy bank and you save up another £3. How much money do you now have in total?


8 You have £5.00 in your pocket and decide to buy a drink which costs £1.50. How much money will you have left?


9 You have £3.00 and you buy toast in school for yourself and four friends. This comes to 50p. How much money will you have left?


10 Mrs Davison has a £5 note and buys two loaves of bread. Loaves cost £1.50 each. How much change will Mrs Davison receive?

Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas


Geena just loves the log fume, and she bought a water proof jacket which cost £9.70, and plastic shoe covers for £2.60. 

When she took them to the till, the shoe covers were half price. 

How much did Geena spend altogether? 



Josh paid £8.78 for 2 rides on a frog leap ride. 

  1. How much does one ride cost? 
  2. How many rides could Josh buy if he had a £20 note? 






A ride on the terrifying bungee slingshot cost £11.20 Children’s tickets cost £8.40. 

  1. How much would it cost a family of 2 adults and 3 children to go on it? 
  2. How much would it cost for 1 adult and 2 single children’s tickets? 



Miss Fincham bought 3 bags of sweets and 1 bag of popcorn. 

The bags cost £2.36, and the popcorn cost £1.26. 

How much did Miss Fincham spend altogether? 



A child’s ticket on the haunted house costs £6.65, whilst an adults costs £9.75 

  1. How much more does an adult ticket cost? 
  2. How much would it cost for 2 adults and 2 children to go visit the haunted house? 



Eleanor went to the funfair with £15.10 

She spent half of her money on the house of mirrors. 

How much money did she have left? 

She then bought a hotdog for £3.45 

How much money did Eleanor go home with? 



Bertie loves the funfair and wants to go on all the scariest rides. The drop ride costs £3.48 and he goes on it twice. The terminator costs £7.11 and he goes on that twice and scream machine costs £5.55 and he goes on this twice as many times as he goes on the terminator. 

How much does Bertie spend on the rides? 

Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys