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Shadow Play


Today we are going to go outside to investigate what happens to our shadow throughout the day.


Find a nice sunny spot in your garden and draw around your feet with chalk.  If you don't have chalk, you can use paper but be sure to weigh the paper down so it doesn't move.


Then I would like you to draw around your shadow on the floor.  If you are unable to draw around your shadow, ask an adult to take a picture of your shadow from the same spot every time.


At this point I would like you to make a prediction about what is going to happen to your shadow throughout the day.

I think that my shadow will...

(Will it get bigger? Will it get smaller?  Will it change shape?  Will it get thinner?  Will it get fatter?)


At the same time every hour, go back outside and draw around your shadow (or take a picture from the same spot)


At the end of the day, write down your findings.


What happened to your shadow throughout the day?

Why did your shadow change?

What caused your shadow to change throughout the day?