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Thursday 25-06-2020

Good Morning!




Today you will be learning about the artist 'Jackson Pollock' Click on the links below to learn about him and his art work.


Here are some of Jackson Pollocks paintings.


This is called 'number 26'



This one is called 'ocean greyness'




Have a go at creating a splatter tree in the style of Jackson Pollock. Here is an example below. Get an adult to help you draw the trunk of the tree. Then its time for fun! Get some paints and dip your brush into the paints and the splatter the paint onto the branches of the tree. Use two or three colours. Have fun!



Today I would like you to try this rainbow relaxation meditation.

It is really important that you take some time out everyday to relax. So find a quiet space and have a pillow or cosy blanket ready. Ask an adult to join you if you like.


Here are another two to try.



Today I would like you to think of a song that reminds you of friends and family. The song that makes me think of my friends and family is 'Aint no mountain high enough' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. I cant wait to see my family and friends again soon I hope. This song makes me think fondly of them. Click on the link below to listen to it.


What song makes you think of your friends and family? Tell an adult and listen to it together. 


Ask an adult what song makes them think of friends and family. Listen to it together.