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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning!


You should now have your speech written down either by yourself or by an adult helping you. 


Take 10 minutes to read over it again together and make any changes. You might want to add a word, sentence etc or you might want to get rid of a word or sentence that does'nt sound right. 


Your speech might look a bit like this:


Good morning!


My name is Mrs Palios-Bancroft and I would like to tell you about my learning from home experience. 


Firstly, I would like to say that it is so nice not to have to get up super early for school!

I am really enjoying learning from home as I am getting to spend lots of time with my parents/carer's. We are having lots of fun learning together and my parents let me have cookies while I do my work! I have really enjoyed writing colour poems and reading them out to my younger brother and sister. I love doing my big maths tests every week. I am beating my scores too! My mum has a go but she's no way near as fast as me!

I am really missing seeing my friends and my teachers. We have so much fun in school. I wish I could be back in school because I miss 'Feel good Friday' assemblies with Mrs Cooper and all of the other teachers. I also miss going out to play with my friends. I love running around on the yard and playing hide and seek.

Finally, I am looking forward to being with all of my class again and hugging my friends and my teachers! I have missed them all so much. 


Thankyou for listening



Now it is time to practice your speech. The aim of this task is to get you to say your speech without reading it. It should last about 1 minute.


The first thing to do is read over your speech 4 or 5 times with an adult. This will help you to memorise your speech. 


Now try saying your speech to an adult without reading it. Keep doing this as many times as you need to. When you are feeling more confident try adding expression when you read. (make it sound interesting)


You could also add some small gestures like waving your hand when you say good morning, shaking your finger if you are unhappy about something, thumbs up if something is good etc.


Practice saying your speech in front of a mirror so that you can see yourself. 


When you feel really confident ask an adult to record your speech. Watch it back together and discuss all of the positive things about it. These might include: speaking clearly, keeping a good pace, using expression, pausing if necessary, introducing yourself, talking about positive aspects of staying home, negative aspects of staying home, and things you are looking forward to.


Please send me your videos. I would love to see your speeches! (dont worry if you cant) 


And most importantly, have fun!smiley