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Thursday 11th November

Let's start the day with a song click link - Autumn features song

Beautiful animation sees war as experienced by animals | Poppies - BBC

Today is remembrance day, to remember people who have served our Country, watch and talk about the clip below with an adult.

Create your own poppy picture!





Recap with your child discussion from yesterday, shown below.

Recap the week days (Monday - Friday) and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)? 

Recall any activities on any particular day of the week? 

Do you they have a favourite day? Why? 

If you have a calendar, diary or wall planner, show your child, pointing out the days of the week.

If your child is able to, encourage them to copy the letters to spell their favourite day of the week.



Practice the days of the week with your child. 

Days of week Train Sing along song

Days of the Week Sing-along Song - YouTube

Days of the Week Songs - CBeebies - BBC


Click below and practice reciting numbers

            forwards to 20              backwards from 20          counting in 10s


Activity - Write the days of the week on separate pieces of paper and place on visible areas in the garden or room in the house.  Call out a day of the week and ask your child to run and touch that day, continue with other days of the week. Keep this set as you will need it tomorrow


Children Book Reading - Tree, Seasons Come, Seasons Go by Britta Teekentrup

Listen to the story below



Practice these fun finger exercises to develop your fine motor skills and strengthen your fingers for future writing activities. Fun Finger Gym 


Click on the link to sing along to Jolly Phonics - 

Click on the link BBC schools radio  – Can you guess the inside sounds?


Log in to your child's bug club and read some of your favourite stories. (log in details are on the cover of the Home Reading Diary) 


Practice 's' 'a' 't' 'p' 'i' 'n' - Can your children repeat the sound when you say it to them?  Can they recognise the sound when you show them the letter? Can your child write these sounds? 

Practice this with your child.  They can use pens, pencils, chalks, felt pens.  You could use sand, flour, rice or shaving foam and ask your child to trace the letters.  Write the above letters on separate pieces of paper help your child to put the letters together to read some simple 2 or 3 letter words.




Seasons Song - YouTube


Hope you enjoyed your walk in the park yesterday and you managed to collect some leaves, twigs and perhaps some acorns and conkers. Using the natural resources you collected create an Autumn scene, see pictures below for some inspiration. You could also draw or make a pumpkin, scarecrow, hedgehog to put in your picture. Once again please email us your work, we would love to see it.