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Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to look over what you did yesterday on scrap paper. Look at how you started your letter and read it. Now do the same with the questions you've asked Greenpeace. Could you add anything to improve? Are your spellings correct? Is the punctuation correct? (capital letters, full-stops, question marks, exclamation marks)

Ask an adult to check over it with you. (5 minutes)


When you are happy you need to write this neatly into your books under the addresses you have already written.


After writing this neatly, you now need to think of a closing sentence. What is a closing sentence?(discuss with an adult)

A closing sentence is a polite way to end your letter. You can start your closing sentence with words like Finally... or lastly...  You choose one of these.



Your sentence might look like this:


Finally I hope you are excited to hear about the ............................. living in my pond. I hope you are able to offer me some good advice.




Lastly, I would like to say that I am so happy that the ............................... chose to come and live in my pond. I hope you can send me some recipes that I can make for him.


What do you think you need to write at the very end of your letter?


You need to miss a line and then in the centre of the line write:


                                                                         yours sincerely,

                                                             Emily (or whatever name you have chosen)