Primary School

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Thursday 11th February

Suggested activities for Thursday 11th February


30 mins of reading time

  • Read a bug club book
  • Read your favourite book


30 mins of physical exercise


Maths activities 

Literacy activities

  • One of the colours often seen during Chinese New Year is red. Make a list of words that rhyme with the word red, e.g. bed.
  • You were born in the Chinese year of the ……… .? Draw a picture of this animal and write its name.
  • Say it, join it , write it

Creative activities

  • Play with chop sticks! (you could use pencils and wool/string for noodles) Try eating some food with them or play a game to see who is best at picking up small objects. Give everyone a bowl each and see who is fastest to pick up 5 items and put them into their bowl.
  • Fireworks are often seen through Chinese New Year. Draw or paint a firework picture. You could use crayons, paints, glitter and glue.
  • Make a mask of your favourite animal from the race.
  • Investigate the Great race on Google Earth