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The Masked Reader

Mr. McInnes is wrong in the video! You have until tomorrow to get photos of your book character toilet rolls sent to your teachers! 

Prize Draw!

Sorry for the delay! Were your guesses right?


Today's masked reader video can be found below. A clue to the identity of the masked reader is beneath the video.


If you think you know who the Masked Reader is and/or what they are reading, enter your guess using the contact form below. Every correct guess will enter you into a draw to win World Book Day prizes! You can only guess once for each masked singer so choose wisely!


Make sure you include your full name and your teacher's name, followed by your guess - write which Masked Reader you are guessing and who you think it is. If you don't include all of this information, your guess won't count. If you also manage to guess the book they are reading, that counts as an extra entry to the prize draw!


All Masked Readers will be unmasked on World Book Day.


Good luck!

Wednesday 3rd March

Tortilla Chip

CLUE: Tortilla Chip is a descendant of King Angus the First. Does that mean they should be referred to as 'Your Highness' from now on?

Tuesday 2nd March

There are two masked readers today - Egg and Piglet!


CLUE: Luckily, Egg isn't used by Mrs. Kinsey!


CLUE: Piglet has close connections to the Greek goddess Artemis.
Monday 1st March


CLUE: Donkey is a lot more cheerful and vibrant than you might think!
Sunday 28th February


CLUE: Ostrich is a member of the Calluna family.
Saturday 27th February

Big Bear

CLUE: Big Bear has lots of BFFs - Jack, Jill, Humpty, Miss Muffet and Incy Wincy Spider.
Friday 26th February


CLUE: Dragonfly can usually be found hiding out in keys.
Thursday 25th February

Baby Yoda

CLUE: Baby Yoda loves a festival atmosphere!
Wednesday 24th February


CLUE: Pineapple shares both names with other members of the fruit bowl!

Tuesday 23rd February


CLUE: Potato is no King Edward but they're certainly a prince!
Monday 22nd February


CLUE: Cat wasn't shot... unlike the poor Sheriff!