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Tap Tap Box

Hello Everyone, 


This page I have dedicated to Tap Tap Box. The children love playing Tap Tap Box in Nursery so I thought I'd make a very quick video of how to play it. Tap Tap Box activities are great for children's turn take skills, group work and their speech and language. It is a time for you to focus on saying words correctly. An example might be 'banana', a lot of the children like to say 'nana'. If you put a banana in the box, emphasise the 'b' in banana, get the children to say it loudly, in a funny voice, in a squeaky voice or quiet voice to help them pronounce the 'b' in banana. 


As well as helping children with their speech Tap Tap Box can also be used for sorting objects, examples:

> Sorting colours

> Sorting shapes

> Sorting animals- sea creatures and land animals 

> Fruit and Vegetables

> Big and Small 

Just to name a few.


Tap Tap Box can also be used for Nursery rhymes. You can include a picture of a bus, spider, clock, frog and a lamb. When it's someone's turn, if they choose the bus then everyone sings Wheels on the Bus or Hickory Dickory Dock for clock etc.


Occasionally we include bubbles or a little toy in there to engage children.


Types of Questions once they have chosen something from the box:


>What colour is........?

> What noise does a ........... make?

> Where does a .......... live?

>What do they eat?

>What do you call a baby.........?

> Why does it have a .......?

> Can you think of something else which is the same colour as..........?

> Can you find something else in the house which is the same shape?

> Where do they grow from?

> What do you do with a ........?

> How many ........?

> Can you think of something else beginning with .......?


This is the Tap Tap Box I used in my video, I focused on looking at s, a, t and p initial sounds. 

I used sunglasses, trainer, perfume, sock, teddy (I couldn't find a teddy at hand so I improvised and used a dog), scissors, tomato, apple, paper and pen. To start with you may focus on s, a or  s, a, t.