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Welcome to Reception's Distance Learning Page




Friday 18th February 

Please see the link below for the eisteddfod activities to complete. 

A wellbeing meeting will take place, check your Childs hwb account email for the invite on Teams.




Both Victoria and Thompson Park are back in class on Monday 15th February



The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time (using Bug Club - preferably with an adult)

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity including at least 15 minutes of mental maths (this may be done on Sumdog)

1 x Literacy activity (one activity may be continued over two days if necessary)


Within a week, children should also aim to complete:

 2 topic or creative activities.


Other optional activities may also be provided


All children have been given a card with their log on details.

If they have lost their log-ins or were not in school when they were given out, please email the class teacher: 

Thompson Park Class -

Victoria Park Class -


You can email using your own email if your are experiencing difficulties with hwb


All tasks are posted on this page and children are asked to send their completed work to their by email using their Hwb email account.  Class Teams pages have also been set up where they can communicate with their teachers and friends.

The children's email accounts and Teams are both accessible through the Hwb website:

Children are able to email their teacher with any questions or concerns about their work or just to say hello!

Thompson Park Class -

Victoria Park Class -


Other useful websites:

Bug Club (Reading):
























Welcome to Reception’s Page

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Distance Learning

Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during the school closure period.


Our emails are

  Victoria Park

Thompson Park

Please email examples, questions and photographs.


Please click on the appropriate star below to see work for the week.




Still image for this video

We are glad we were your teachers

and we wanted you to know

We can’t believe the end is here 

and we are sad to see you go


Remember all the fun we had

in all the things we did

But most of all remember...........


You are going to make awesome year one learners.

☀️☀️☀️We hope you have a great summer ☀️☀️☀️

Miss Watson and Miss Sullivan





W/B: 13.7.20

This week our book is The Snail and the Whale. 

It is a story of excitement, travel and friendship. 

You can watch the story here :  

The BBC have made a beautiful animated version here:


As this is the last week of the summer term we have added lots of fun summer activities for you to do.

We hope you enjoy! Please keep sending us your work.


Victoria Park

Thompson Park





This week you are going to listen to 'Barnaby Bear at the Seaside'. He goes on an adventure to the seaside, listen below to find out:


We hope you enjoy all of the activities set in this week's star. 

Please keep sending us your work, we love to see ityes


Work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Victoria Park


Thompson Park


Have a look here.......


😃😃 We can’t wait to see you 😃😃


Home schooling is still ongoing so our book this week is 'Commotion in the Ocean'.

Follow the link below to listen to the story:




We hope you enjoy all of the activities set in this week's star. 

Please keep sending us your work, we love to see itsmiley


Work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Victoria Park


Thompson Park

WB- 22.06.20


Our book this week is 'The Rainbow Fish'. Listen to the link below to hear the story:


We hope you enjoy all of the activities set in this week's star. 

Please keep sending us your work, we love to see itsmiley


Work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Victoria Park


Thompson Park


It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Pinterest had some clever ideas.
Here are some ideas for cards:



Mr Redding (Y3) and Mrs Charles (Y6) have asked us to highlight 2 events for this week.

Cardiff City Foundation have a Home Festival planned for the week with a sports day on Friday 

Resources and ideas are here:


Its also Refugee Week - A celebration the contribution of refugees to the UK.

Resources and ideas are here:


Have a go  - there are some lovely ideas.wink



Week beginning- 15.06.2020


Our book of the week this week is 'Fidgety Fish'. Listen to the story on the link below:



We hope you enjoy all of the activities set in this week's starsmiley


Work to be sent to the following email addresses:


Victoria Park


Thompson Park


 Alphablocks helps children to learn to read - mastering phonics, blending and reading skills with each new episode! It’s a story of 26 friends who have fun making word magic.


There is a super helpful tool-kit for parents -

Puzzles, quizzes colouring charts and activities -


Alphablocks is designed so your child can just press play and have fun while learning essential phonics skills. More than 80 episodes take them from learning their alphabet to reading long words like 'alphabet'!

You can find your favourite characters and episodes on iPlayer or the Alphablocks YouTube channels.








Hi Receptionsmiley


Just a reminder that there are lots of free reading books to access on Bug Club. 


Follow this link to log on:


Your username, password and the school code has been written into your reading records. If you have misplaced it or don't have the logging in details, then contact your school teacher who can email them to you. Once you have completed the books on there, your teacher can add more books onto your site.


Happy reading smiley






Our book of the week is Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. Link below to listen to the story:


We hope you enjoy all of the activities set in this week's starsmiley


Work to be sent to the following email addresses:

Victoria Park


Thompson Park


Dear parents,


Active Learn are providing free resources for a limited amount of time. I have an email which contains a link to some maths booklets, they are generally aimed at Year 1- Year 6, however, if you feel your child would like a challenge and is excelling particularly in Maths, then email me and I can forward you the link.

Thanks Miss Sullivan smiley




Our book of the week is Tiddler- The story telling fish.
We really hope you enjoy the activities set this week and look forward to hearing from you smiley

Link to the story in this week's star. 

Work to be sent to the following email addresses: 


Victoria Park


Thompson Park



WB- 01.06.2020- Our book this week, Tiddler- The story telling fish. We really hope you have fun taking part in the activities we have set this week.

Our Topic- Summer Term 2020- Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside! We hope you enjoy this topic as much as we do.

Hi everyone in Reception!

Hi boys and girls of Reception!

I really hope you are well and trying your best with your routines and learning.

I have heard that you have been doing fantastic work as part of your distance learning and that makes me very proud of you 😊

From now on if you are in Victoria Park will you please start sending me your work, I cannot wait to see it. Equally, if you are in Thompson Park and you wanted to send me something I would love to see it too.



Can you see me outside by the sea?

I love being outdoors by the water, it makes me very happy.

As a way of saying hello to each other I wondered if you would like to send me a picture of you doing something you enjoy, for example, building using lego, playing outside, reading a book, drawing, writing etc

It can be ANYTHING you like but just say hello to me. If you can’t send a picture that’s no problem just send me a ‘hello’ message.


My email address is

I really look forward to hearing from you!

Have a fabulous half term!

Lots of smiles,

Miss Sullivan 😊 😊 😊


Good Morning👋🏻
I just wanted to say that you have made it through a half term of

home schooling and you are all superstars

I’m sooooo proud of you all. 

You all deserve a week off!

Have a break - take lots of photos of all you do and send them in- 
it’s good to see you enjoying yourselves.

Don’t forget, Mrs Cooper is reading ‘Ruby’s Worries’

and shares your wishes at 11am. 
There were some amazing ones last time😀

Stay safe and have a great week.






Thursday 21st May would have been Sports day at Victoria Park. 

Why not have a go in the garden? Here are some classic races to try:

Eggs and spoon (Or tennis ball and spade?)


Obstacle race

Sack races (with pillowcases!) 

Hurdles (Or cushion jumping?)


Other ideas here (including balloon weightlifting!)



There are some ideas for a Mini Olympics day attached below.


There is a Joy of Moving Festival aimed at Junior children but there are ideas here


If you can’t do sports day - Super Movers is a campaign from the Premier League and BBC to help get children up and moving while they learn.


Don’t forget to send some photos – I’ll add them to the gallery


Have fun and stay safe.




Good Morning!! How is everyone? 

There is a new story and topic for this week.

Gerald the Giraffe thinks he can't dance🦒

but he finds out that he can.

What are you good at?  👍🏻

What would you like to be able to do?

 There's lots of other work on animals

and some lovely maths to do this week.

Keep in touch and stay safe




Today’s stories are:

Mog and the Vet at 11am


Where the Wild Things are at 2pm. 
Please join Mrs Cooper and I over on the Facebook page.
Stay Safe🌈🌈





Good Morning! Say Cheese. smiley

You've been sending me some great photos of yourselves

busy at home and on walks👍🏻

I've put some of them in a gallery above.

Please take a look and see your friends. I know you miss them.

Mrs Aguis, Ms Grebbell and I have also added some!🤣

If you want to be added to the Gallery , email me at the above with the photos and let me know that you give your permission to go on the web page.

Stay safe🌈🌈





Good Morning!!😀

How are all the superheroes of Thompson and Victoria Park? 

This week we are reading the book Supertato and working on superheroes.
I'm sure it will be a popular subject! 

Keep in touch and keep safe 🌈🌈

P.s. thank you for tuning in to the story on Facebook on Friday.
I’ll be reading another story next Friday afternoon.

Jacob sent a lovely photo of himself watching.


Today, Mrs Cooper will read

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

at 11am on our Facebook page.

Miss Watson will be reading
There’s No 
Place Like Home by Jonathon Emmett

at 2pm. Please join us if you can.

Stay Safe🌈🌈




VE Day 8.5.20

Click on the star above to see some ideas to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday. 

Stay Safewink



Good Morning everyone.👍🏻

I've been looking at the gallery on the website and the photos from Reception are great. Its always lovely to keep up with what you are doing.

It makes me proud as well.



I've posted this weeks work.

The topic this week is Days of the Week and uses the Hungry Caterpillar as the story.🐛🐛🐛🐛


Thinking of stories- A facebook page for Lansdowne Library has been set up. At 11 am and 2 pm staff from the school will be live and reading a story to pupils. Please watch if you can.
There are some fab stories being read this week.
 Search facebook for Lansdowne Primary School Library








A project for children and young people in Cardiff to share their experiences of COVID-19 through weekly diary entries, has been launched.

‘The ‘Diff Diaries' is providing children and young people the opportunity to document their activity, thoughts and feelings during the global pandemic by submitting video recordings, photo collages or written diary entries.

With schools closed, all events large and small across the globe cancelled and children and young people everywhere having to stay at home, entries may show how children and young people are spending their time, perhaps learning new skills, being home-schooled or even sharing tips for children of the future.

It would be lovely to see some of our children in this diary. Please see below for further details.


Hello everyone. 👋🏻👋🏻
Hope you're all well and smiling😃😃

The rain has arrived which means less time outside. ☔️☔️
Here is some work for you that you can do inside.

Don’t  forget your bugclub - email me if you’ve lost your password.  

Have fun and stay safe🌈🌈


What are some of the things you would want to do if you were a princess/prince/knight for one day?
Would you run around the castle? Buy lots of sweets? Have a big party? Ride a horse? Fly a helicopter?

Write a list of 5 things you would do.
Begin your sentences with

 I want to ........


Try this game below


Hello everyone👍🏻
Hope you’re all well😀😀

Thanks for all the lovely work.

It’s amazing 👍🏻👍🏻
I’m proud of you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’ve kept the same theme -because you were enjoying it so much.👍🏻

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep sending me emails and photos.📸

I will post some more work on Wednesday.📚🖍

Miss you all 🌈🌈





Good Morning Thompson and Victoria Parks! 🌈🌈
Hope you are all safe and well and able to enjoy the sunshine. ☀️☀️

Thank you for sending me your work this week. 👍🏻👍🏻

You're all enjoying the topic. I've had photographs of 3D shape castles, planting your own beanstalks and creating your own fairies.🧚🏻‍♀️🏰🌱

Fantastic! ⭐️ Well done ⭐️ Keep them coming 👍🏻👍🏻

Today, I've uploaded some more work - a quiz, a game and some lovely stories.

The stories are here

I'll post the quiz and game below.

Take care and stay safe 🌈🌈




It's nice to be back- I hope you've had a good break and kept safe and happy.😀😀

Can you believe that this is the Summer term already!☀️☀️

Please see this weeks work. I've tried to add some fun activities.🌈🌈

Please keep in touch- I enjoy keeping up with what you're doing.👍🏻👍🏻




Happy Easter from all the staff at Lansdowne xx

please watch this video we made for you








I just wanted to wish you all a lovely Easter break. It’s been a strange fortnight without you all but I’ve had lots of lovely photos to show me what you’ve been up to. It’s the Easter holidays now so it’s time for you all to have a rest. I have found some Easter craft ideas if you like being creative and there are some football activities from Cardiff City.

        🐰🐰 Happy Easter 🐰🐰
👍🏻☀️ Stay safe👍🏻☀️


🌈🌈🌈🌈How to grow a rainbow🌈🌈🌈🌈

I remember as a child, one of my favourite birthday presents was felt pens and paper. My mum , who loves science, used to show me how to grow a rainbow with my new felt pens. Since rainbows are a theme at the moment, I thought I’d show you so you can make your own. All you really need is felt pens, water and paper. Follow the instructions on this video and you can grow your own rainbow just like this.                         🌈🌈 Have fun and send me some photos 🌈🌈



Please see week 2 for new activities.


Mr Redding in year 3 has also set you a challenge.

Look for the toilet roll challenge on this page


🌈 Good Morning 🌈


I hope your are all well and enjoying the sunshine. Please keep stay safe and happy. 

Here is a suggestion for the weekend. If you haven’t already, paint, draw or colour a rainbow and put it in your front window for other children to count on their daily walks. 

Ask your parents to photograph it and send it via Twitter to the People’s Collection Wales. Your rainbow will then be remembered in many years to come. 


Keep the photographs coming.

I will post more work on Monday.👋🏻



































Victoria Park and Thompson Park (Reception)


Welcome to our homework pagesmiley


Each week we will be uploading your child's spellings. These spellings are based on their sound of the week and tricky words of the week.  You will be sent paper copies each week and we will also upload the spellings to this page.


As well as the spellings, please remember your child should be reading their book each day.  They also have access to a large selection of books on Bug Club so please encourage them to log on.


We hope you enjoy learning your child's spellings with them and look forward to seeing the children progress.


Thank you, Miss Sullivan and Miss Watson

Reception- Spellings wb 25.3.19

Reception Spellings- wb 01.04.19

Spellings wb 08.04.19

Spellings wb 29.4.19

Spellings wb 6.5.19

Spellings wb 13.5.19

Spellings wb 20.5.19

Spellings wb 3.6.19

Spellings wb 10.6.19

Spellings-wb 17.6.19


Eisteddfod Competitions 2020




Date to be brought into school:


To make a model to represent Wales. E.g. castle, shield, dragon, daffodil/leek etc.  

Friday 28th February


To make a chocolate crispy cake with a Welsh twist!


A recipe has been provided for you.

Friday 28th February