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Play dough recipe

Play dough is a big hit in nursery and it is great for their fine motor skills, role play and using their imagination. In Nursery we make the play dough ourselves and I have pasted the ingredients and method below if you are able to make it. If possible, make it with your child(ren), this is great for communication, counting, halves and doubles, one more/less and turn taking.


If you are unable to make it, I will continue to add fine motor activities which do not involve play dough in 'General at home activities' on the Nursery homework page.



Makes 1 coloured ball
Prep 10 minutes

You will need

  • 8 tbsp plain flour
  • 2 tbsp table salt
  • 60ml warm water
  • food colouring
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil 



1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix together the water, a few drops of food colouring and the oil.

2. Pour the coloured water into the flour mix and bring together with a spoon.

3. Dust a work surface with a little flour and turn out the dough. Knead together for a few minutes to form a smooth, pliable dough. If you want a more intense colour you can work in a few extra drops of food colouring.

4. Store in a plastic sandwich bag (squeeze out the air) in the fridge to keep it fresh. You can make a batch of colours and give away as kids’ party bag favours or hold a playdough party for your child’s next birthday.