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* Lots of you have been asking about how you can help develop your children’s phonics skills. This the Letters and Sounds website which has lots of resources and games to help develop your child’s letter sounds.

* Unless we have spoken, start off by focusing on Phase 2- Set 1 Letters and Words and then build up to Set 2. If a printer is not available, these are very easy to create your own flashcards which you can hide inside, outside, laminated in a pool, shoot at with a water pistol which I have seen online, anything to get your children engaged. Learning letter sounds is best in short bursts e.g. 10/15 minutes every morning straight after Joe Wicks.


* Whilst learning the letter sounds and finding objects which start with that letter sound, it is also important that your child is beginning to write the letter. This can be through using sensory play e.g. shaving foam, glitter, sand etc, or writing the letter sound on a whiteboard, pens, pencils, felts pens etc. Starting off with your child overwriting your highlighted or dotted letter and then encourage them to write it independently.

* In parallel to this, it is then great to begin to look at Pink Reading books either on Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat Collins etc. This will help to put their phonics knowledge to use.

* This is focused on in Reception but if your child is picking up letter sounds as I know some are and are beginning to read books, introduce your child to the first set of Tricky Words (aka High Frequency Words).


If you require further assistance or have any questions in regard to phonics, please let me know. Please don’t forget to incorporate these activities in to your child’s play to make it fun.