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Day Activity Links

This week we will be looking at different ways of recording information. Watch the first link (opposite) to remind you of some of the different ways.

Today, we will  be using pictographs, which we have already looked at in school. These use pictures to represent numbers of objects. Watch the next BBC Bitesize link to explain this in more detail.

Finally, look at the pictogram on the sheet and try to answer the questions. Remember, there is a key that tells us that 1 picture= 2 children.


Sometimes in a pictogram the picture will be cut in half, and this means that you also halve the number in the key. For example if the key says a whole circle =2, then half a circle =1.

Try the questions on the sheet and remember to look for both the key and half of a circle.

Today we will be looking at tally charts. A tally chart uses lines to record numbers instead of pictures. The lines must be in groups of 5, with 4 lines drawn down vertically and one diagonal line drawn across them. Watch the clip to which will explain this to you. 

Look at the tally chart on and fill in the questions.

Thursday Today I would like you to create your own tally chart. It can be about anything you like! It may be counting and recording the number of different items in your house, e.g. forks, spoons, plates etc, or if you go for a walk, you could record the number of birds, insects, flowers or trees that you see. If you have  dice, you could record how many times you roll each number. Use the sheet (or copy it out)  to write down the items you will be looking for  and to do a tally chart of how many you actually found.
Friday Have a look on the Top Marks site, where there are lots of games about different ways of recording information. Have a go at as many of these as you can and let us know what your scores are. Good luck!