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Pandas and Tigers

Day Activity Links

This week we will be looking at directions and compass points. Today, we are going to start by following the directions forward, back, left and right. Make sure that you know which is your left and right and then follow the directions on the link opposite and answer the questions.

Today we are going to start learning about the 4 compass points which are North, East, South and West. Watch the Youtube song to become familiar with these.

Then look at the powerpoint which will explain it in more detail (you don't need to do the last slide).

When you are familiar with the names of the 4 compass points, use the sheet to fill in the blank names or draw your own.  Make sure that you use the words North, East, South and West in the correct places.


To warm up today, please complete the big maths CLIC and learn its tests. Remember to try and beat last week's scores and you only have 90 seconds for the learn its!

Take a few moments to remember the names of the 4 compass points and which way they point on a map.

Have a look at the map on the link and answer the questions about where each object is. 

Big Maths Tests


Thursday On Monday, you followed directions using froward, back, left and right. Today you are going to do a similar activity, but this time using the 4 compass points. Look at the map and make sure that you find out where North is (on maps its usually points towards the top).  Follow the directions and answer questions about the squares. Remember not to count the square you are on as one of the steps!

Today you are going to use all of the information you have learnt this week and create your own treasure map! Think about what type of map it will be, and where it will be - will it be a pirate map or in a forest or a town? It's up to you! Start by drawing pictures in some of the boxes (think about how the map from yesterday was set out and design your own boxes, for example you may want a dangerous swamp or a high mountain in one box. You can label the pictures as well. Remember to draw the treasure in one of the boxes. You also need to mark a starting point on your map.

Next, you are going to write down clues going from the starting point to the treasure. You will be using the compass directions for instructions, for example, 'walk 5 steps (squares) East and then walk 4 steps North' etc. When you are writing these directions, remember that you may want to avoid some of the boxes if they contain dangerous swamps or mountains! Make your map as exciting as you can, and think carefully about the best way to get to the treasure.