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Other Activities

Please take time this week to complete any of the art activities below that you haven't yet done.


When you aren't doing English, maths or reading, complete the art activities below. You have all week.

This week is all about recreating.




Famous Art


Recreate your favourite piece of art by a well-know artist.

  • Do some research on your artist and this particular artwork and create a short PowerPoint to present what you have found out.
  • Recreate the artwork. You can do this how you like - you could do it digitally, you could draw or paint it, you could use items from around the house or dress up like it and take a photograph - be as imaginative and creative as you can! An example is included below.



Recreate a scene from your favourite film. You can play all of the characters yourself or ask family members to help or perhaps you could recreate it using animation if you know how.


There are many simple free video editing apps that you could use.


When you have filmed your scene, upload it to Onedrive and share it with your teacher.


An example of a scene from Mr. McInnes' favourite film is below..







Activities from Week 1 can be found below:


Illuminated Letters

  •  Find out a little bit about illuminated letters and create a short PowerPoint with the information you find (Please use your words and don't copy and paste from the internet). Include examples of illuminated letters that you like.


  • Using the PowerPoint below, create your own illuminated letter.


The graffiti artist Banksy is well-known for his particular style of graffiti.


  • Look at some of the examples below of his work.
  • Choose your favourite and create a PowerPoint slide that contains the picture and a detailed explanation about why you like it. What message do you think Banksy is trying to get across? 
  • Using the PowerPoint at the bottom of the page, create your own name in graffiti lettering.