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October Half term

There is no maths or spelling homework for half term but please continue to read daily.


Half term tasks:

1 - On A4 plain paper, design a poster that shows one of the rights a child has (see parent mail sent out from Mrs Cooper or information below). Include the right with an illustration to show this.

2 - Add to your class blog page. If you go anywhere exciting this half term, don't forget to take a few photographs and upload to your one drive on HWB. Then follow the instructions on Teams to add to the blog page. 

3 - Create a poster of greetings (optional). This homework is for Mrs Parmar at Fitzalan. You can either draw on paper or create a PowerPoint presentation. Do some research into how people greet each other around the world and create a poster to show this. Remember to focus on action rather than words, e.g. In France they air kiss both cheeks and in the UK people shake hands or hug when they greet a friend/family member. Include country name, greeting and illustration. 


Details for poster competition

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its charter is extremely important to us within the culture and fabric of our school and the way we develop relationships with young people here. Currently, Lansdowne Primary is a rights committed school and has a bronze award for this, which we are very proud of. I intend to work with Years 4, 5 and 6 this year on working towards achieving a silver award which would make us a rights aware school. Your child will have the opportunity to join the rights respecting committee and support me to achieve the silver award by making the whole school community more aware of what the rights of the child are.

I have asked the children to take part in a competition to make the rights of the child more well known around the school. There are 54 rights in total and many of these rights can be respected within school, You can find lists of the rights by typing in "list of the rights of the child" into google. Also, here are two links that are useful:

uncrc19-child-friendly.pdf (

UGDA-CRC-poster-final_0.jpg (1440×960) (

There are also lots of child friendly posters online that outline these rights. I would like the children to find out more about some of the rights and to display their understanding of that 'right' within a poster that we can reproduce professionally and put up within the corridors and rooms of the school.

On the poster they will need to put:

  • What the right is, eg " We have the right to an education",
  • A drawing, diagram, or illustration that shows what the right means for children
  • Their name and class
  • Their age
  • The year, 2021.

They can choose to display any right on their poster. The prize for the winners of the competition will be a £10 gift token and the opportunity to have their work professionally mastered and put on the walls of the school forever! There will be a number of prizes available.