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Welcome to Norfolk Nursery’s Homework page.


Nursery children do not have set homework each week; however, there are areas of the curriculum where you can help your child progress. Suggestions will be updated as the children learn new concepts and progress throughout the year.


We love reading!

At the end of each nursery session the children choose a book for me to read to them related to our topic (currently Old McDonald had a Farm). The children thoroughly enjoy listening to stories as well as acting them out.

Every Friday, your child is allowed to take a book home from our nursery library. Please take the time to read this book to your child and discuss the story and predict endings. When your child returns the book, he/she is then able to take out a new book. Stickers are provided for children who return their books.


Number work

Please provide opportunities for your child to recognise numbers when possible. Opportunities can include looking at numbers on a bus, speed limits, door numbers and numbers on a clock. Counting opportunities should also be provided such as counting the fruit and vegetables whilst shopping, counting how many carrots are on their plate and counting how many steps there are in your house.



Whilst providing number opportunities please do not forget to help your child with identifying colours correctly. Again, these opportunities can be provided whilst you’re out and about and or when reading a book.



Thank you in advance for providing these opportunities for your child to succeed.


Miss Smith