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We are currently very busy at getting nursery ready for learning, playing and growing in a safe manner. Please keep checking this page for any future changes such as drop off/pick ups. Please feel free to contact me on the Lansdowne number during school times Monday- Friday or email me


Thank you, 


Miss Smith

Norfolk Nursery


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Hello everyone, 


Welcome to the Nursery website. Here you will find information regarding Nursery and hopefully answers the questions you may have. I am looking forward to welcoming you all starting from Monday 7th. If you are unsure which date your child is starting, please email me, or for any other questions you may have. 


CHANGES- please keep checking for future changes.



AM- 8:55 Children in the morning session please follow the chevrons via Norfolk Street and up the Nursery ramp. You may queue here (socially distanced) whilst dropping off your child. Then please follow the one way system, join the chevrons again and exit via Surrey Street. 



PM 12:40: Please line up on the fish on Surrey Street by the black doors. At 12:40 the doors will be open and you will be greeted by a nursery member of staff where you will then enter the yard and queue on the fish on the Nursery ramp. Here you will be greeted by myself where I will take your child for their afternoon nursery session. You will then follow the one-system and exit via Surrey Street. 




AM: 11:25 On Surrey Street you will find markings on the floor leading up to the black double gates. At  11:25 please queue here where we will dismiss your child. 


PM: 3:10- Please follow the chevrons via Norfolk street to the Nursery ramp and queue on the markings and we will dismiss your child from the nursery door. Please then follow the one way system and rejoin the chevrons to exit via Surrey Street.


At this time, I am unable to have long conversations at the door. If you would like a chat with myself please contact me on the Lansdowne school number after the morning or afternoon session. However, please inform a member of Nursery staff if there are any allergies or medical needs at drop off. These should also be clearly stated when filling out the Nursery admissions form and profile. 


Start Times: 

Morning- 8:55 - 11:25

Afternoon: 12:40 - 15:10



Snack money is £1.50 a week where we will provide a varied diet of fruit and healthy snack. Water and milk will provided in snack and water will be provided throughout the day. Please do not bring any water or snacks with your child in nursery. All snacks are nut free and vegetarian. If your child has an allergy, please make sure this is highlighted on both admissions form and the nursery profile. 


Spare clothes: 

Please provide a bag with spare clothes or nappies and wipes for any unfortunate accidents and clearly labelled with your child's name.


School Uniform:

School uniform is required in Nursery. You will find more details about this in the school prospectus. 


School Day: 

In Nursery we focus on learning through play. Your child will access a range of adult and child led activities, their independence will be promoted throughout the day and they will engage in a range of literacy, numeracy and topic activities. Your child will be participating in daily physical exercise and exploring their indoor and outdoor environment. 


How you can help:

Playing, singing songs, reading stories, learning numbers and counting and learning to write their name are some ideas on how you can help your child in the summer holidays.


Please help your child become independent with their personal needs. If your child is not yet toilet trained, please start this process in the summer holidays. We encourage children to use the toilet and wash their hands independently.


It also helps if your child is able to recognise their coat, bag and is beginning to put them on themselves. Please provide your child with a bag and spare clothes for any spillages or accidents.


If your child is not yet able to use the toilet independently, please make a member of Nursery staff aware of this.


The lovely Mrs Slattery now has her own Twitter page where she is posting lots of fun activities to try at home.



If you do need to contact me, please email: 


Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. 

Take Care,
Miss Smith :) 

Have a lovely summer everyone!

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