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Number Work - Updated December

Christmas Holidays 2020


The children have worked hard at recognising numbers and counting to 10 this term .


If you could practice writing the numerals that would really help -

write in glitter, shaving foam, chalk in the garden, paint etc


There is a really useful rhyme to help with number formation below.


We have also been working on one more and one less.

eg  one more than 4 is 5

one less than 9 is 8

(sweets are always a good way to get the children to understand these concepts!) 


Below are some worksheets to help

Autumn Term


Our focus this term has been numbers to 10. Below are some songs etc you can sing and some suggested activities!

We have been practicing the following:

Counting forwards and backwards to and from 10, ordering numbers to 10, reading and writing numbers to 10. We have just started talking about one more.