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Number Facts

Number Facts


Learning number facts is a huge help in your child's mathematical development. There are all sorts of games available online which will help your child to grow in confidence and understanding. One they are all familiar with is the Topmarks site.  


Times Tables

Encourage your child to learn their Times Tables facts. Saying them or writing them repeatedly helps the memory but using those facts in games will help your child to recall the facts quickly. Focus on one Table until your child is confident, then choose a new one. Every so often, return to those already learned to keep them fresh.

Start with the 10, 5 and 2 Times Tables.

Move on to the 3 and 4 Times Tables

Next, 6 and 8 Times Tables

Learn the 9 and 7 times Tables

Finally, work on the 11 and 12 Times Tables.

If children can count through a Times Table to find the fact they need, then they will be more confident in class. However, if they can really know the facts so they can answer quick-fire questions without counting, they will be in a much better position in class. This is where games REALLY help.


Number Bonds

Being able to recall common addition and subtraction facts really helps children's mathematical development.

Start by learning pairs of numbers that add together to make 10. You can also subtract a single digit from 10 and know the answers without counting.

Build up to knowing pairs that make 20 and their corresponding subtraction facts.

The total of any two numbers from 1-20 added together are also very useful.

Pairs of numbers that make 100 are also good to know. Start with numbers in the 10 Times Table and move on to any 2-digit numbers.