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Narrative writing 23.3.20

Setting writing part 2. 25.3.20 


For the second part of our descriptive writing we would like you to choose one of the many settings you should have either created on Minecraft or on your A4 sheet of paper. 

We would like you to then write a descriptive paragraph based on one of your chosen settings. Please use the help that you had from the last task to help you write this piece of work. 

Descriptive paragraph writing. 23.3.20


Below there will be a selection of images. You can choose how many ever you like. Once you have chosen your image we would like you to write a descriptive paragraph of that image. 


Remember you need to bring your reader into that image so you need to create a lot of imagery. 


You can use these devices to help you. 

Talk about and use the five senses- Touch, taste, smell, sound, sight. 

Similes - using 'like' or 'as' to compare two things. E.g. One patch touched a tree trunk and scrambled up like a bright squirrel. 

Metaphors- A direct comparison between two things WITHOUT using the words 'like' or 'as'. E.g. I'm standing at the foot of the mountain.  

Personification- Objects are given human characteristics. E.g. The smoke began to gnaw (gnaw is something a human would do. Not smoke!) 


Use the example below to help you. 


Send the work that you have complete to either Mr Hunter-  Or send to Mr Gray-

Setting images