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Mrs Davies Maths

Today we have worded problems again, which use a variety of method to work out your answer. From adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Read the questions carefully to see which method you will need to use.

1. A snail crawls 45cm. It crawls a further 26cm. How far has the snail crawled altogether?

2. A fence is 62m long. 14m is blown down. How much fence is left standing?

3. How many 5cm lengths of string can be cut from 40cm?

4. Alan has four lengths of railway track, each 20cm long. How long is the track when he puts them together?

5. A rocket flies 230m into the sky. A second rockets reaches 150m higher. How high does the second rocket fly?

6. A sack of potatoes weight 56kg. 24kg are eaten. How much id left?

7. A coin weighs 20g. How much do 8 coins weigh?

8. Floyd weighs 45kg.Carl weighs 32kg more. How much does carl weigh?

9. A cake weighs 800g. It is cut into 4 slices. How much does each slice weigh?

10. There is 430g of sugar in a bowl. 70g is used. How much sugar is left?