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Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning!


Spellings have now finished as the year draws to a close.


This weeks literacy focus is going to be reflections on your time in year two.


It is really positive to look back at your time in year two. Is is a chance to remember all of the wonderful things you did and also some of the sad times. 


Looking back at times helps us to think about our futures and what we want to achieve. We all have dreams, so dream big!


Please watch this short inspirational video clip.


In your books I would like you to mind map all of the amazing things you can remember doing in year two.


Monday 6th July 2020

LO: to mind map my memories of year two






Write in short sentences.


Examples could be:


School trips you went on

Funny times with your friends

Activities you enjoyed

Visitors you had

Games you played

Funny times as a whole class

Christmas concert


If writing sentences is too tricky then try writing a word and drawing a picture to go with the word.