Primary School

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Well done for all of the research you did on Friday. There were some fantastic opinions from all of you and today you will be able to share your opinions with the rest of the class and debate what you think. We will also teach you how to speak formally and what formal language to use when talking to a group about a topic. 


Please have a look at the link below to last Friday's work. Here you will be able to refresh your memories about what we did!


We look forward to seeing you in your class' Teams call at 10AM. 


If you normally don't go on the Teams call because you aren't able to, please make sure you have sent in your work from Friday and complete the task below: 



Add the brackets to the sentences below: 


1. She finally came to my party three hours late and gave me the biggest hug!


2. Blue my favourite colour is the colour of our school uniform.


Correct the sentences below: 


1. my brother’s dog is called tess

2. have you got a dress for the prom

3. . sameera and i are going to town on friday


Use a different word for said in the sentences below: 


1. . “Can we go to Disney World?” the children excitedly said.

2. The teacher said, “Use your best handwriting.”

3. “GET OUT!” said a ghostly voice.

4. “A tiger!” said the little girl in shock whilst at the zoo.


Write a descriptive paragraph based on the picture below: