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Limit Breakers Begum's Beasts 


Today we will be revisiting things we have done throughout the year. Remember to read what the question is asking you and if you get stuck please make sure you are on the Teams lesson at 2pm or email your teacher. 


1) What is the largest 6-digit number you can make with the digits  

      5, 5 ,1, 9, 7, 2?

2) What is the smallest 4-digit number you can make with the digits  

     3, 6, 2, 9?

3) 56 x 10 =      

4) Six children have completed their sticker card. Each card holds  

    24 stickers. How many stickers has the teacher given out?



6) 785 subtract 430 =

7) What is the difference between 87 and 136?

Pi-Thons Begum's Beasts ext 


Today you will be looking at 3D shape nets. These nets are like maps/instructions on how to make different 3D shapes. The one below, when put together, will make a cube. 



Here is a list of different 3D shapes. Please match them to the nets below: 

Triangular prism, Cuboid, Hexagonal prism, Cylinder, Cone, Square based pyramid. 

Once you have matched all of the shapes and their nets, draw your own nets for different 3D shapes that you can think of. 

Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas- If you are having difficulties, please join your teams call at 2pm.

Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys. If you are having any difficulties, please join your team call at 2pm.