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Limit Breakers and Begum's Beasts 


Today you will looking at different strategies to work out questions mentally. 


Remember to break the numbers up to help you add and subtract quicker. E.g. 35-15. 

Take off 10 which will take you 25 and then subtract 5 to make 20. 


Addition example: 234+126= 234+100= 334+20=354+6 360. 


Remember to break up the numbers to add or subtract easier. 


Answer the questions below using the methods above. Try and answer the questions in your head first before checking it by writing it down. 


1) 56+ 34

2) 76+ 24

3) 234-26

4) 87-53

5) 220+34





For Fire Dragons, Number Ninjas, Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys, please follow this website below for a really helpful explanation for ratio!

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