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Healthy eating and Physical health! 

There are 2 tasks for today, so make sure you scroll to the bottom to make sure you don't miss anything. 

This week we will be focusing on the things we eat to make us healthy and the activities and exercises we should be doing to make sure we are in good physical health. 


Below you will find a healthy eating wheel which you should all have seen before. Possibly the early years of your time at school. 


On the plate you will find; Vegetables, Carbohydrates, Dairy and protein. There are examples of each food type above. 


Task 1

Make a healthy eating plate and then list everything that you might eat in a typical day. Is it balanced? Do you eat more of one of the groups above than the other? E.g. Do you eat more protein than vegetables? 

Once you have completed that, make a plan for the week ahead of things you think your teacher should eat. How does it vary? Is it healthy/balanced? 


Task 2- PE 


Today we would like you to take part in everyone's favourite game; Just Dance! On YouTube there are plenty of Just Dance videos for you to take part in. We would like you to spend 20 minutes- half an hour playing these games. If you aren't tired after this, feel free to do more!