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Limit Breakers and Begums Beasts. 


Properties of 2D shapes.

Watch the video above!


After watching the video above, please list the properties of the 2D shapes listed below. Properties mean; what makes that shape the shapes it is? E.g. What makes the square a square? 


List the properties of the shapes below: 

  • Circle 
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Kite
  • Rectangle 
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon



Pi-Thons-(Begum's Beasts extension) 


The Polygon party has begun! Has your shape been invited? Watch the video below to discover what a Polygon is.


After watching the video, answer the questions below: 

  • What is a polygon? 
  • What are the main groups that can be a polygon? 
  • List all the properties of a quadrilateral and irregular polygons. 


Please draw the following: 


A quadrilateral shape. 

An irregular polygon. 

A regular polygon. 

Why have you drawn these shapes? What makes your quadrilateral shape a quadrilateral? What makes your shape an irregular polygon? 

Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas


This week we will be focusing on money problems. Today's lesson will look at budgeting. This is an incredibly important skill that will help you later in life! Please attend our teams meeting for support.


Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys


This week we will be looking at budgeting and money problems. Today we are focusing on a movie budgeting. Although some of you may have seen this before, we feel that the work produced was not clear enough or concisely enough to be considered done correctly. Please write your workings out and explain your planning clearly!