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As we are learning about Antarctica in literacy, and are about to create an exploration story, we would like you to create a mythical creature to go in your story. Remember, your story will be about an exploration to Antarctica, so your animal needs to be able to survive in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic. Have a look back at the animal research you did the first week after Christmas. What qualities did those animals have that allowed them to survive in the South Pole? 


Things to think about while drawing your creature: 

  • What will they look like? 
  • How are they able to survive? 
  • What makes them suitable to live in the Antarctic? 


Once you have thought about these things, we would like you to draw your animal. We want this picture to look as realistic as possible, so have a look at the video below on how to shade accurately to bring your drawings to life.


Here are some pictures of animals from Antarctica to bring some inspiration!