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Happy Monday all. We hope you've had a terrific weekend!


This week, our literacy focusses on the rather exciting topic of story writing! We will help you build a true adventure story that will have us on the edge of our seat when reading it. Your story will be set in the breath-taking landscape of Antarctica.


To build a truly inspiring story, we need to have exciting vocabulary. This grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read more.


Today we are going to start with some vocab lab work. The two adjectives we would like you focus on are- Perilous and treacherous.






If you are having any difficulty with this, please attend our online lesson at 10am (Mr Hunter) 2pm (Mr Gray) for further support.


Once completed, please find as many interesting words as you can use to describe the environment of Antarctica. Please then put these words into the most intriguing sentence you can!


Please use a thesaurus! If you do not have one at home, please use this link- for an online version!