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For Begum's Beast, Limit Breakers and Pi-thons, we would like you to practise your times tables up to the 10 times tables. Time yourself and let your teacher know how quickly you completed them in. 


For Number Ninjas, Fire Dragons, Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys, we would like you to take some time to play countdown by clicking the link below. How many can you get through in 5 minutes?



Begum's Beasts and Limit Breakers


To measure different amounts, we use different scales. Have a look at the scales below and tell write down how many ml (millilitres) of water there is in each measuring jug. Look at the scales very carefully and decided how much each notch is worth.  Watch the video below to help you.


Once you have completed the task above, we would like you to draw us, using measuring jugs, the different measurements below: 


1) 25ml  2) 50ml     3) 450ml     4) 265ml 




Watch the video below to help you with reading different scales.


Remember there are 1000ml in a litre! 


Look at the cylinders below. How much water are they holding? You will need to find the line that goes across the measuring cylinder. 



Once you have finished we would like you to draw your own measuring cylinders and show the following amount of water in each one. 


1) 1200ml  2) 1500ml  3) 126ml 



Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas



Please complete the following reasoning questions below. Remember to read the question closely!









Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys


Today we will be focusing on converting units of measure. We've decided to give you a real challenge today and give you some real brain teasers. Our advice to you is to focus on the facts. You may look at some of the questions and think they are too tricky to work out. However, there is a reason why each question is asked. There is a moderately simple way for you to find the answer, you just have to look at the facts and possibly your previous answers. We will be going through the answers to these questions on our teams call.