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Friction- What is Friction? 


Click the link below to watch the video about Friction. Once you have done this, you can use the information found below the video to help you create your own definition for Friction.


Task 1: Create your own definition for Friction and draw a picture showing what friction is. 


Key question: Where do you think, you can walk easily? On a rough surface or a smooth surface? Make sure you give a reason for your answer. 


Task 2: Look around all the surfaces around your house and make a list of them. Once you have made a list of these surfaces, we would like you to say whether you will be able to move an object (e.g. a toy car) easily across it or whether it will be difficult and say why! 


For example: Carpet- I think the toy car will have slight difficulty moving on the carpet, as I think there will be more friction between the carpet and the wheels of the car causing it to move slowly. 


For those children who work with Miss James or Miss Davies, we would like you to create your list and say whether it will be easy or difficult for the car to move. E.g. Carpet= difficult.