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Live lesson at 10am! 


Starter -

Choose among the conjunctions below to make a grammatically correct sentence:


  • since

  • although

  • but 

  • even though
  • however
  • yet
  • as


  ____________________there is no one available, I'll go somewhere else________________I'd prefer not to_____________ I can't wait any longer. 




Main Activity


Online lesson at 10am on teams


This week we will be building towards creating a biography of famed explorer, Robert Falcon Scott. To prepare for this, we need to have a good understanding of his life - from birth to death.


Below are links to 3 websites that provide us with information about his fascinating story. Please read the information provided and make your own notes about what you have found. You should have 3 detailed columns when you have finished your research.


Please join me at 10am for the online lesson, explaining this in more detail! If you cannot make it at 10am, please email me to let me know. The lesson will also be recorded and uploaded to our teams page.