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Look at the grid below. Start from the bottom number on the left and make your way up to the top number on the right. As you jump to each number add them together. Can you make 53 by the time you reach the final number? 


Maths activities- Live lesson at 2pm! 


Begum's Beasts and Limit Breakers. 


Look at the pictures of the shapes below. We would like you to colour in the fraction it is asking for. For example, if it is asking for 2/5, we would like you to shade 2 of the squares of out 5! 


Pi-Thons (Begum's Beast extension) 

Finding fractions of amounts.  Look at the questions below. To find fraction of an amount, divide the amount by the bottom number in the fraction. For example, 1/4 of 20= 20 divided by 4= 5. Because the top number is a 1 all we need is one lot so the answer is 5! 




Fire Dragons and Number Ninjas 


Last week you focused on finding fractions of amounts where the numerator is 1. for example:


1/4 of 12= 3


Today will be more complicated as the numerator will be more than 1. For example:


3/4 of 12= 9


We work this out by finding out how many 4's there are in 12. We then multiply this answer by 3 as there are 3/4's.




Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys


Today we look at fractions and decimals and their relationship. As this is a new topic for us, we advise you join our teams call at 2pm for support on this.





Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys