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Electric Rainbow - Sound



This week our focus for our topic work is 'sound'. Sound occurs when an object vibrates.  The vibrations travel through the air in to our ear drums.  Click on the picture below to watch a short video about sound.



Today you are going to explore seeing and hearing different sounds.


Start by humming a tune. While you are humming, put a finger on their throat. Can you feel their throat vibrating?


Now try twanging a guitar string or a rubber band: you should notice the string/band slows down and stops moving as the sound it makes fades.

Your challenge...


Ask a family member to find 10 different items or things that make sound from around your house.  They will need to do this without telling or showing you what they are.


Next, find something to cover your eyes so you cannot see what each item is.


Ask your family member to make a sound with each of the objects.  Your job is to guess what they are without looking at the object.


Ask your family member to record you completing your challenge.