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Shadow Puppet Theatre

BUILD YOUR OWN: Shadow Theatre - LEGO DUPLO - Playful Activities

Today's play inspiration: how to make your own awesome LEGO DUPLO shadow theatre! CREATE YOUR OWN:

Last week you all began to explore different light sources and different types of objects.


You will have found that some objects are transparent and some objects are opaque.  Can you remember what each one was?  Have a go at explaining to an adult now what a transparent object is and what an opaque object is.


Today and tomorrow you are going to be using your knowledge of shadows to be creative and to put on a show.


Today I would like you to create your own shadow puppet theatre.  The video above shows you how to make one using Duplo, but you can use any materials that you would like.  The most important thing is having a sheet of paper that is stable enough for you to create shadows on.


Good luck!