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Monday 22-06-2020

Good morning!


This week we are going to explore Art, Music, and Meditation. We hope you enjoy the lovely activities that have been planned for you.smiley


Please continue with your weekly spellings as usual.


This weeks book is...


'The Magic Paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson.

Today you are going to learn about a famous artist. His name is Vincent Van Goch.


Click on the link below to learn more about him.


One of his most famous paintings is... The Sunflowers.


See if you can copy this painting.


You will need some plain paper, yellow, brown, orange and green paints of any kind, a paintbrush and some water for cleaning your brush. If you don't have paints then you can use crayons, coloured pencils or felt tip pens.


Try lightly sketching the sunflower shapes first and when you are happy that it all fits nicely on the paper then start bringing it to life by adding colour! 


I cant wait to see lots of your master pieces! Enjoy!smiley





This is an opportunity for you and your family to relax and focus. Meditation offers this break which will help you to function more effectively and clearly. We use meditation in school to help us all relax and rest our minds. Below is a link to a short relaxing meditation you can do anywhere. Please try it and see if it helps to to relax and unwind. Find a nice cosy spot before you begin. Enjoy everybody!


Click on the link below for your meditation



Music makes the majority of us feel good. It can calm us, make us want to dance, make us smile, make us want to sing our hearts out, and sometimes it can make us sad.


Listen to this song below by clicking on the link. I like to listen to this song as it makes me smile. Its called 'walking on sunshine' by Katrina and the waves.


Can you think of a song or find a song online that makes you smile? If you can then play it to somebody in your home. Dance to it, sing to it and let it put a smile on your face!


Ask somebody you live with to tell you a song that makes them smile. If you can, play it and listen to it together. 


Tell each other why these songs make you smile. smiley