Primary School

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Monday 1st February

 Live Lessons this morning. 

 Victoria Park at 9.30am. 

 Thompson Park at 10am. 

Suggested activities for Monday 1st February



We do not expect you to do them all



30 mins of reading time

  • Watch ‘Supertato’ on TEAMS



30 mins of physical exercise 

  • Do the freeze dance!

Maths activities  

  • Today is the first day of February! Let’s remind ourselves of the months of the year by singing along to this song.

  • Last week, we looked at Tally charts. Complete this Supertato tally.  
  • Evil Pea is causing trouble again!! Do you know which of these are correct? If they’re wrong, do you know the correct answer?

Literacy activities

  • Phonics- Today, we are looking at ‘x’.

Practise writing the letter ‘x’. Here are some pictures of things that have ‘x’ in the word. Can you match the word to the correct picture?


  • Have you listened to the story of Supertato on TEAMS? Did you enjoy it? Tell me why or why not? What was your favourite part? Did you have a favourite character? Send a video of you answering these questions.
  • Write a list of vegetables you would find in a supermarket. Draw a picture of the vegetables too.

Creative activities

  • Motivational Monday- video of the day!

Here is a video that I love to watch. I love to join in with the singing and dancing. It always puts a smile on my face.

Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

The Penguin Dance is a super fun song for brain breaks. The Penguin Dance uses a growing pattern to teach left and right, following directions, listening ski...

Do you have a favourite Youtube video? Send it to your teacher! Mrs Leak and Miss Watson will pick the best one and put it on the website tomorrow to share with you!

  • Create your own vegetable superhero! It’s up to you how you create them:
  1. Use a real vegetable to create your superhero
  2. Draw or paint a picture
  3. Cut and stick items on to a picture to make a sensory picture-  e.g. foil for a cape!