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Maths Lessons for week

Monday & Tuesday

Position and Direction


Warm Up - Play the problem solving game by clicking the link below. Then click on 'customise' and select '3 pants' and '4 shirts'.


Main Lesson - Today we are going to learn about position and direction. Click on the links to watch the two video clips below to explain some of the different position and directions. - Moving in different directions - Clockwise and anti-clockwise


Now look at the document below and work through each activity. The answer to each activity is on the following slide so you can check you answers once you have worked them out. I would like you to stop once you get to the slide called 'Making Patterns with Shapes'. Remember this activity is for you to complete over 2 days, so do as many as you can today and continue with the rest tomorrow.




Warm Up - Can you direct the orange robot to collect the other robots using the directional arrows?


Main Lesson - Today we're going to learn about co-ordinates.


We can use coordinates to find an object or position on a map or graph. When finding coordinates you will need to look at the axis. Just like when we plot a block graph, coordinates have a x and y axis.


Remember that the x axis runs along the bottom and the y axis goes up the graph.


Look at the example below;

To find the position of the dog you first needs to look at the x axis to see which letter it is in line with. As you can see the dog is in line with the letter C.

Now you need to look at the y axis to see which number the dog is in line with. As you can see the dog is in line with the number 4.


So the co-ordinate for the position of the dog would be C4.

Remember that when you are writing the coordinate that the letter or number along the x axis always comes first!


See if you can find the position for the other animals.


Now have a go at the co-ordinates sheet below


Co-ordinates continued...


Warm up - Find the co-ordinates on the grid to catch the alien space ship. Enter the co-ordinate and click rocket launch to catch them!


Main Lesson - This week you have been on a variety of school trips to different zoos. I would like you to make a map of one of the zoos that you have visited (you can make up the map) and then work out the coordinates for each animal. Use the blank grid below or draw your own in your books.


I would like you to draw these animals on your map -







Once you have drawn these animals write the coordinates underneath like this -


Giraffe = D,3


Big Maths Beat That! Challenge!


Practise your Big Maths Beat That challenge untimed first to get yourselves familiar with the sums. Remember the different symbols and what they mean. A grown up can help you work them out this time if you get stuck.


Once you have had a practise you can now have a go at doing them on your own with the 90 second timer below-


Once the timer is up check your answers.



Don't worry if you don't get them all correct. We will be doing these challenges every week and the more you practise the better you will get... The most important thing is that you Try Your Best! yes


Good luck and remember to have fun with this activity! wink