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Maths Lesson Wednesday 6th May

Multiplication and Division


Warm Up -  Play the mental maths train - multiplication (2,3,4,5,8 and 10) division (2,5 and 10)



Main Lesson - Today we are going to brush up on out multiplication and division skills.


Test your multiplication and division skills with this Karate Cats game - Select multiplication and division and silver level. If you find this too easy have a go at the gold level afterwards.


How did you get on? Did you find some of the questions a bit tricky?


Let's see how we can make it a little easier to work out answers to multiplication.

Before we look at some ideas, can you think of any methods we could use to help us work out multiplication?


How about these?


- repeated addition

- skip counting 

- grouping

- an array


We are going to have a little look at an array. Watch the video below and play the games that go with it.


I want you to now have a think of different methods we could use to work out division sums.


How about these?


- repeated subtraction

- skip counting

- grouping

- fact families 

- an array 


Lets have a little look at how we can use arrays to help us work out division sums below


Now that you know some different methods to help you work out multiplication and division you are now going to have a go at making a poster to teach children these different ways. Have a look at the example below.




I want you to create a poster like the one above for these multiplication and division sums below.


6 x 8 =                     48 ÷ 6 =


3 x 7 =                     21 ÷ 3 =


4 x 9 =                     36 ÷ 4 =


Make your posters as colourful as you like! I look forward to seeing your finished posters so remember to email them to your class teacher once you've finished yes