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Maths Lesson Wednesday 29th April

Recording and representing data continued...


Warm up -  Practise your doubles and halves with the daily 10


Main Lesson -  Today we are going to continue to look at data and now start looking at block graphs.


A Block Graph is a simple chart which shows units of data with blocks. Block Graphs have two axes and are a common method of recording information in Maths.


Watch the video below to explain what a block graph is and what it looks like


I would now like you to create your own block graph using the data you collected on your tally chart from yesterday.


You may want a grown up to help you draw out the template for your block graph. 


Remember to include -

  • a title
  • numbers going up the y axis
  • names of items going along the x axis


Take your time with this activity and remember to count carefully when filling in your data.


Good Luck yes