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Maths Lesson Wednesday 22nd April

Word Problem Board Game


Warm up - Practise your 2 times table with Bridget by clicking the link below


Main lesson - Your task today is to have a go at making a board game that includes some word problems.

Follow the steps below to help you make your board game. this activity may take a bit longer than one lesson so it is fine to use the rest of the week to make your game as cool as possible!


First you will need to come up with your own word problems including addition and subtraction.

Try to make them as tricky as you can but make sure you can find the answers yourselves. See if you can make about 5 worded problems. Once you have done this its now time to decide what your board game is going to look like.


Next you will need to think of a board game that you would like to create. It might be similar to snakes and ladders, so you will need to make a square grid. Or it might be similar to Monopoly where you will need to make an outer track in a square shape. You decide how you want your board game to look.

Here are some ideas below to help you - You might want to print out the templates below and use them for your own game.

Then you will need to draw out your board game design onto some paper or use a template. Make it as colourful and exciting as you want and remember to include numbers on the spaces. Once your template has been drawn you now need to decide where your word problems are going to go and write them down. Remember not the write the answers on your board game as the players will need to work them out. You will also need to decide whether your game will need a dice or a spinner? Will your game need counters or objects to move around the board? The choice is yours!


After that you need to think of the rules for your game. Ask an adult to help you write a simple set of rules explaining how your game works for the players to read before playing.


Finally check that you are happy with your game. Does it look good? does it have numbers? do you have word problems included? are the instructions clear?

Once you have checked all of these things find somebody in your house to play it with! Have fun!


This activity will obviously take quite a bit of time to plan and make so you can do this for the rest of this week in maths to give you enough time as we don't want these rushed.


I will be putting the Big Maths challenge onto the maths tab for Friday also but fit that in as and when you can.


Have fun guys yesdon't forget to e-mail your work over to your class teacher.