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Maths Lesson Wednesday 20th May

Fire Hose Gamewink


Warm Up -  Play a game of 'Simon Says' outside (if it is safe for you to do so). Ask a grown up to shout out the Simon Says commands e.g. Simon says touch your toes. Instead of just touching your toes once your grown up will say a addition, subtraction, multiplication or division sum along with the command for you to work out how many times you need to touch your toes. 


e.g. Simon says touch your toes this many times - 4 x 2

Which will mean that you will need to touch your toes how many times?

That's right! 8 times!


But remember! If you don't hear Simon Says you don't do the action!yes


Main Lesson -  Today you are going to play the 'Fire Hose Game!'

For this game you will need -


- chalk

- a water pistol, hose or water balloons


A grown up in your house will need to write some 2 digit and 3 digit numbers using the chalk either on a wall or on the ground outside. Probably between 10 - 15 different numbers of their choice.


Once all of the numbers have been drawn in place you now need to get your 'Fire Hose' at the ready! your grown up will shout out a sum (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and if the answer os written on the wall or ground you will need to blast it with your fire hose as quickly as you can! 


For every correct answer that you blast you get a point. If you blast a wrong number you will lose a point!


See how quickly you can work out the sums and blast the answers with your fire hose!


Have fun again outside today guys! Try not to get too wet! laugh