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Maths Lesson Wednesday 10th June

Fractions continued...


Warm Up -  Practise your division skills with your 'Daily 10' challenge. Click on the link below and then click level 2 - division - ÷ 3,4,8.


Main Lesson - Today we are going to use our knowledge of fractions to find halves, quarters and thirds of a number or group of items.


Take a look at the powerpoint below and work through the questions carefully

Click on the link below to play the 'Karate Cats' game - Select fractions then Gold level


You should now feel quite confident with finding fractions within numbers and groups of objects. 

I would now like you to have a go at filling in the table on the sheet below. You will need to find halves, quarters, thirds, three quarters and a fifth. 


Top Tip - Try using your division skills to help you find the answers.

Have fun guys yes We look forward to seeing how you get on with this task laugh