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Maths Lesson Wednesday 10th June

Fractions continued...​​​​​​


Warm Up - Practise your division skills with your 'Daily 10' challenge - Click the link below and then select - level 2 - division - ÷2


Main Lesson - Yesterday I asked you to create your own pizzas or cakes and divide them up into fractions. Today we are going to continue looking at those fractions we made yesterday - half, quarter, three quarters and a third.


Look at the powerpoint below -


Now click on the link below to play the fractions game. You will be shown a shape where some of it has been shaded. You need to select the correct fraction that has been shaded to earn points. Good Luck!yes


I hope you are feeling quite confident in identifying fractions now  Click on the document below and complete the pizza fractions worksheet.

Have fun with this activity wink We look forward to seeing how you get on!