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Maths Lesson Tuesday 9th June

Fractions continued...


Warm Up - Click on the link below for your Super Movers song about fractions. Join in with the actions and get moving!!


Main Lesson - Yesterday you learnt about halves and quarters and had to sort the shapes into the correct groups according to the fraction that was shaded.


Today we are going to extend our knowledge of fractions and begin to look at what a third and three quarters looks like.


Click on the link below to play the video clip -


Now that you are more familiar with what these new fractions look like, have a go at the interactive activity below by clicking the link. You will need to identify halves, quarters, thirds and three quarters of shapes! See how many you can get -


You should be quite confident at this by now so what I would like you to do is have a go at making your own pizza or cake (you can choose) using a paper plate or by drawing it onto paper.


Once you have drawn your pizza or cake I would like you to cut it into halves and label each half as a fraction.


Once you have done this make another pizza or cake and divide it into quarters and finally make another one and divide it into thirds.


Once you have made your 3 pizzas or cakes and labelled each part as a fraction take a picture of it and send it to your teacher.


Take a look at the example below to help you -





REMEMBER each part of the pizza needs to be equal which means it must be the same size! Take your time when cutting. It might be an idea to fold your pizza or cake before you cut it and check with a grown up also.


Have fun with this activity laugh I look forward to seeing your fractions!yes