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Maths Lesson Tuesday 5th May

Estimating Time


Warm Up - Play the estimation game (Level 2) by clicking the link below


Main Lesson -  Recap on estimating from yesterday's lesson. 


Q.When estimating an amount what could make it easier to work out the actual amount?


Today we are going to try estimating the amount of time it takes to do something.


-Firstly find yourself a timer. You could use a timer on a phone, an iPad or simply use a clock and follow the seconds hand.

-See how long 10 seconds is without doing anything at all.

- Now increase the time to 30 seconds and then up to 1 minute.


Look at the table below. In the table I have listed 4 activities for you to do. I would like you to estimate how long it will take you to do the activity in seconds and minutes. Once you have made a sensible estimate you will now need to complete the activity and ask a grown up to time how long it takes you. Record your answers in the table and see how close your estimate is. I have left 2 spaces blank for you to come up with your own activities.

Activity Estimated Time (min/secs) Actual time it took (min/secs)
20 star jumps    
Write your name 10 times    
Sit down and stand up 15 times    
Sing 'Twinkle twinkle little star'    


Helpful hint - Remember how long 10 secs, 30 secs and 1min felt when you sat with the timer before this activity. use this as a scale to help you estimate a time.


Happy estimating everyone yes