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Maths Lesson Tuesday 2nd June

Division - Word problems


Warm Up - Test your division skills with the Mental Maths Train - click the link below, select the division sign and ÷2.


Main Lesson- Now that you've had some practise with division, today we are going to use our division skills to work out some word problems. You can use counters or objects to help you find the answers to the problems.


Lets have a go at a word problem together first. Have a look at the problem below -


Kian has 16 football stickers. He shares them between his 2 friends. How many stickers do they get each?


We first need to identify the numbers that are in the word problem. Which are 16 and 2.


The word problem is asking to share 16 between 2 groups. We now need to put these numbers into a number sentence.


16÷2 =


To find the answer to the number sentence we now need to use our counters or objects to help us.


Count out 16 counters and divide them into 2 equal groups.

(Remember equal groups means that both groups must have the same amount in each!)


Once you have divided all of the counters equally count how many are in each group.

The amount that is in each group is you answer!


16÷2 = 8


Now have a go at the word problems on the sheet below -

Good Luck yes Remember to send your completed work to your class teacher smiley