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Maths Lesson Tuesday 28th April

Recording and representing data continued...


Warm up  Play this game to recap on venn diagrams from yesterdays lesson


Main lesson - Today we are going to learn about another way of recording data through tally charts.


Watch the video below to explain how a tally chart works -


I would like you now to have a go at sorting out the data in the document below and record your findings onto the tally chart. You can either print out the sheet and stick it into your book or draw the tally chart into your books.

Now that you have shown you can organise data, I would like you to have a go at making your own tally chart.

You might want to make a tally chart based on favourite colours? favourite fruits? favourite chocolate bar? you decide on the criteria.


I would then like you to come up with 4 different options for your criteria.


Now draw out your tally chart making sure you have enough rows and columns. Each column should be labelled with, 'your chosen criteria' (e.g. fruit), tally and frequency.


You are now ready to fill in your tally chart. Ask the people who live with you in your house first, then you might want to call or video call some of your friends and family to get some more data. Ask as many people as you can.


After collecting your data have a go at answering these questions about your findings -


Which .... was the most popular?

Which .... was the least popular?


Have fun with this activitywink! I look forward to seeing your tally charts, so remember to email me your work once you have completed it. yesGood Luck!!