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Maths Lesson Tuesday 19th May

laughGet Outside!laugh


Warm Up - Times tables tennis! If you have got them at home, get a bat and ball and with a family member play a game of tennis. Each time you hit the ball you need to say the next number in the times table.

Practise your 2,3,4,5,8 or 10 times table. You can do as many different ones as you want.


If you don't have a bat and ball do not worry, you can use a small object that you can find in your house and throw it back and forth i.e. potato, beanbag, teddy etc.


Rules -

1. You must say the times table in order i.e. 2,4,6,8 etc (if you go out of order you must start again)

2. If you drop the ball you must start from the beginning.

3. The person who gets to the highest multiple is the winner!!

4.  HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!laugh


Main lesson - Set a 3 minute timer and get outside! In the 3 minutes collect as many things in the garden as you can i.e. leaves, stones, daisies etc. put all of the things you have collected in a central place once you have finished.


Using chalk I would like you to chalk out a 3 circle venn diagram onto the floor (remember to always ask an adult)


Decide on your 3 criteria and mark these into the 3 circles i.e. green, long and flower (you can think of any criteria that will suit the things that you've found)


You are now ready to sort all of your objects into your venn diagram! Take your time and be careful where the circles overlap. Remember the section in the middle needs to have all 3 criteria!


Once you have finished take a selfie of you and your venn diagram with a huge thumbs up!!yesyesyes


Remember to send your work to your class teacher once you have finished! Our emails are at the bottom of the main Year 2 page. We really look forward to seeing how you are getting on at home and your work we receive might even get posted onto the message board this week! Keep an eye out for it wink