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Maths Lesson Tuesday 12th May

Symmetry continued...


Warm Up - Practise your 3 times tables with the 'Daily 10' challenge.

                  Click level 2, multiplication and x3


Main Lesson - Today we are going to continue to look at symmetry.


Q.Can you remember what symmetry means?

Q. Can shapes have more than 1 line of symmetry?


Play the game below to recap on what we've learnt about symmetry already -


Yesterday we looked at folding and drawing the lines of symmetry of 2D shapes.

Today we are going to focus on drawing the reflection of a shape.


Q. What does reflection mean?


Play the symmetry painter game. Watch what happens when you begin to draw a picture - It starts to copy its reflection on the other side.


Complete the worksheets below and complete the pictures by drawing its reflection along the line of symmetry.


Take your time with this activity as you want the picture to look exactly the same on both sides.


Have fun guys yes